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Walker County Inspection Scores/Grades


Food Service/Tourist Accommodation Inspections

When considering eating at restaurant or staying at a hotel or other tourist accommodation, your local Environmental Health office provides an inspection report that gives you a snapshot look into the operation of the business. The goal of the State of Georgia is to give consumers the information needed to protect themselves from the risk factors linked to illness and injury.  These food service and tourist accommodation inspection reports are now available on the State of Georgia's new Digital Health Department and can be accessed using the State's inspection search tool.  To acces this inspection search tool click on the corresponding inspection form below.  Once on the inspection search tool page, searches can be conducted by using a specific date range, entering in keywords, and choosing either establishment's name, address, city, or zipcode, by choosing a letter grade, or by choosing the first letter of the establisment's name.  Each search will display the establisment's most recent inspection, as well as, providing access to its last five inspections.  To see what violations have been deducted click view inspection.  Then if you want access to an electronic copy of the original form click view form.  Each report has detailed notes of the inspector’s findings on the second page.




Visitors: Should you have any complaints regarding any permitted food service or tourist accommodation operating in Walker County, please feel free to register that complaint with the Walker County Environmental Health Department by calling (706) 639-2574.


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Public Swimming Pool/Spa Inspections

Below are the dates and scores of the most recent inspections of the permitted swimming pools. Each facility is required to receive an unannounced inspection at least twice annually.  Inspections are conducted by a qualified Environmental Health Specialist according to the Rules and Regulations for operating a swimming pools, spas, and recreational water parks set forth by the State of Georgia (Chapter 290-5-57).

Swimming Pool Inspection Statuses last updated July 2008

Name of Establishment Last Date(s) Inspected Pool Status  Open/Closed
Camp Adhi  06-02-08   Open  
Camp Lookout  06-01-09   Open  
Camp Woodmont  06-02-08   Open  
Chanticleer Inn Pool 05-07-09   Open  
Days Inn Pool  07-02-08   Open  
Garden Walk Inn Pool  05-07-09   Open  
Key West Inn Pool  05-04-09   Open  
LaFayette Rec Pool  05-19-09   Open  
LaFayette Rec Fountain  05-19-09   Open  
LaFayette Rec Wading Pool  05-19-09   Open  

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